Hariharaputra Sahasra Bhojana Mahayagnam

Though there are many customary offerings such as Puja, Sharana Gosham, Bhajananjali ,etc., to hail the Lord, this Hariharaputhra Santarpana has a special significance. Sastha is acclaimed as “Vipra Pujayan”. According to this, Vipras are brought together and they are worshipped considering them as the Lord SASTHA Himself. It’s not a regular Annadhanam or social function, but a religious Yagyam proposed to be performed in a strictly religious way, invoking the presence of Lord Hariharaputra.

Lord Shiva and Parvathy as Ardhanariswara revealed the special 1000 Naamas of Sri MahaSastha. To the count of these 1000 Namaas, Brahmins are invoked with the specific Sasthru Naama and are offered Upacharams and are finally fed with a sumptuous feast containing Shat rasas.

As soon as the sankalpam was made for doing the Sahasra Bhojana, the only place which came to our mind is Varanasi - Maha Kashi at the banks of river Ganga!! Varanasi is the oldest city in the world and spiritual capital of our religion. Varanasi stands on the Trishula of Lord Shiva. Skanda Purana has 11,000 verses in praise of Kashi alone, the nagari of Shiva. Ganga who is none other than the Goddess Herself is flowing here to annihilate all our sins. Any spiritual practice, puja or ritual conducted at Varanasi in the banks of river Ganga, the results are immeasurable !

In this sacred city, Shiva resides as Viswanatha, Goddess Shakti resides as Annapurna, and Vishnu as Bindumadhava. Thus, at the holiest spot on earth, in the land of Annapurna, we are blessed to conduct the Sahasra Bhojana. This Splendid Event of “Hariharaputhra Sahasra Bhojana”, according to our knowledge, is the FIRST OF ITS KIND to take place.

Evam ya: kuruthe BhakthYAJanma madhYE saKruNara:
thasyaiva sapalam Janma muKthis’thasya kare sthiRA


Along with the Sahasra Bhojana MahaYagnam, other Visesha Homas, Pujas and Religious events are also going to happen for all these 5 days.

Very rarely a Puja of this significance and magnitude can be witnessed and the opportunity for the people to actually participate in the worship. So, the Bhakthas who are taking part in this magnificent event can be assured of obtaining the limitless blessings of Sri Maha Sastha and getting all their prayers fulfilled.

Bhojana Sankalpam

It is not just mere feeding of food but also involves daanam of different varieties such as vastram, aasanam, patram,etc, in addition to a dakshina. Hence a Sankalpam for one Bhojana is ₹. 2500 per Vaidika !